That's where we come in. 

Small business owners are still just that - Business Owners. There is simply not enough time to manage a business, research social media trends, best practices, marketing strategies, etc, and implement marketing campaigns that turn social media fans & followers into paying customers. 

We do just that

Along comes Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Google +. Google Places (wait.. that's Google My Business now..;) Instagram. Snapchat.


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In addition to Social Media Marketing, we can provide you with methods and tools that allow you to build, grow, and market to your contact list. 

And what about traditional marketing/advertising platforms? image squared marketing, inc. encourages all businesses to continue utilizing valuable platforms such as radio and print advertising. And we can help with that, too! Just ask! 

Source: Brand’s With Fans Blog by Fandom Marketing

Some businesses find new ways to bypass traditional marketing and advertising avenues, leveraging Social Media Marketing Services to their benefit.

Once upon a time, small business owners were able to set up shop, place a few newspaper, television, radio, and Yellow Page ads, and go back to doing what they do best - Running Their Business. No need for a Social Media Agency. No such thing as Social Media Marketing Strategy. Social Media Consultant? Social Media Marketing Companies??

SOCIAL MEDIA & traditional MARKETINg Services

email marketing 

We'll help you build your list

AWeber will help you put it to work

[image]² marketing

 The creative spark that fuels your marketing campaigns - 

  with inspiration andstyle!


video marketing!

Other businesses stick to their traditional, tried-and-true methods rather than diving into the unknown, ever-changing world of social media.

At this point, even if social media doesn't last forever, there is no question that in order to be competitive & successful, as well as stay in front of modern, informed, distracted consumers, small business owners truly need to develop and maintain a presence and identity on social media.


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